Patricia Doherty

No more waiting for your annual vacation and then filling it end-to-end until you drag yourself back to work needing another week off. You are retired — and if you’re reading this, you probably love to travel. In fact, according to AARP’s 2017 survey, travel is at the top of 83 percent of Baby Boomers’ bucket lists. Once the realization sets in that you’re actually free and have time, energy, and a travel budget, your next step is planning a few trips.

With your job in the rear view mirror and the open highway ahead, how about a road trip? This might appeal if you were a train or subway commuter, longing for the freedom of getting behind the wheel and just taking off. Or perhaps you escaped employment with barely enough energy to pick up your last check and bid goodbye to envious coworkers. A resort destination will let you recover without lifting a finger. (Well, except waving one to summon your next poolside cocktail.)

Have you always wanted to discover your family’s roots or explore the towns of your ancestors? Do you just want to see the places you’ve read or dreamed about? This is your chance to do it.

Whether you want rest or excitement, solitude or crowds, low cost or luxury, there’s a trip that will get you on the road to retirement travel and fun. Here are some ideas that range from relaxing to adventurous, cost-conscious to extravagant, with a few in between.

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