It would probably be a surprise to some people, but I’m actually a rather sentimental person. Growing up I hung onto pretty much any and everything until my parents moved away from my childhood home last year and I couldn’t keep putting off going through all those memories. I’m glad that our minimalist mindset was already fairly developed at that point, because otherwise a bunch of stuff would have ended up migrating to the non-existent space we have to work with here.

As I sifted through so many things with long-forgotten memories attached, I wasn’t a bit sorry I had kept them. No, I hadn’t consciously missed them, but there’s no doubt in my mind I would never have remembered many of those little parts of my life without that tie. I have a hard enough time remembering most of my life, I can’t afford to forget everything!

Like I said in the post about getting rid of kids’ things, I do think it’s important to remember where and what we’ve come from. Being taken back to those feelings of being a child is also invaluable to me as I seek to be able to identify well with our kids while we’re raising them.

So how can you keep the memories without hanging onto a bunch of sentimental clutter?

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