Life After De-Cluttering: What Comes Next?

As nomadic minimalists, we talk about minimalism in a lot of detail; from why you should embrace minimalism, to minimalism for beginners and the basics of de-cluttering:

  1. Minimalism Will Make You A Calmer Person.
  2. 12 Struggles of Minimalist Beginners: How To Overcome Them.
  3. The Minimalist Life Cleanse: Stage 1, De-Cluttering Your Home.

I even wrote an eBook, Minimalism: Cleanse Your Life, Become A Calmer Person, a practical guide to simplifying your home, your wallet and your online space.

We all have different reasons for de-cluttering, and not everybody will want to become fully-fledged minimalists. For some, de-cluttering might have just been a short-term process designed to simplify on a basic level, creating a tidier and more organized home space.

But some newly established minimalists may want to continue to build solid minimalist foundations from which to follow their life goals, and that’s how it was for me.

So it’s all good and well, knowing the Why and the How-To for adopting minimalism…

But what about the When? When you are supposedly ‘finished’; you’ve de-cluttered, you’ve implemented new routines to make life simpler, and created an environment which will help you work towards your goals.

For me, when I was done with dealing with much of my clutter, I kept on going…I kept on reducing my material footprint and I kept with my mantra of not bringing in more low-quality stuff. I kept clearing my debts, adding to my savings and began to see my dreams take shape; I maintained a lifestyle that was aligned with my long-term goal of travel.

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