Chase Your Bliss

Retirement is a time to pursue old passions you never had enough time for before, as well as develop new interests. Forbes has assembled a list of 25 places around the country that are suitable for retirement and offer outstanding opportunities in one or more of the following categories: the arts, fine dining, learning, volunteering, outdoor water pursuits, outdoor land pursuits, and golf. Cost of living and housing costs are noted, but high expenses, didn’t keep an otherwise top locale off our list. Our list is alphabetical.


Tom Carter/Getty Images

Ann Arbor, Michigan

PASSIONS: ARTS, LEARNING, GOLF. University of Michigan anchors academic and cultural offerings in city of 115,000, 30 miles west of Detroit. Median home price $233,000. PROS: Fairly walkable, good air quality, low serious crime rate, high number of doctors per capita, high rank on Milken Institute list of best places for successful aging. CONS: Cold winters, cost of living 11% above national average. NOTED: Decent local economy. TRIVIA: Named for the wives of the original developers and local trees.


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