Encompassing a span of nearly 20 years, it should come as no surprise that there are differences as well as similarities in Baby Boomers on each end of the age spectrum. One thing that both groups have in common is that while finances are certainly a factor, lifestyle factors tend to play a bigger role.

Upgrading vs Downsizing

Younger Baby Boomers are more likely to trade up for more living space than older Boomers. With more young adults more often coming back to live with their parents after graduating from college it makes sense they would want more room… after all, adults take up more space than children even with the same number of people. Add to those parents who may also move in, even if only for a time, and it could be time for an upgrade. Low-interest rates coupled with lower housing prices can make it possible.

On the other hand, older Baby Boomers are more likely to be seriously downsizing… often moving down to about half size or less. They are also more likely to be looking for a living space with at least one bedroom on the main level.

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