Downsizing Real Estate – Aspirations of Retiring Baby Boomers

There are endless human aspirations. As a retired or retiring baby boomer, you have worked hard and achieved a lot in life. You may be an empty-nester now and the big house may not be serving the needs it once did.

Now is the time to take it easy, spend time on yourself and your companion. It is time for changing your lifestyle and simplifying things. You can travel, volunteer or participate in social and community activities. You could move into a condo with all the bells and whistles and amenities like a swimming pool, spa, sauna, a fitness centre, security and a 24-hour concierge. You may even move to a more idyllic and peaceful setting in a rural area to be close to nature. You may even want to become a winter bird, where you can simply lock your condo and spend 4-6 months in sunny Florida or in the Caribbean or a trip back home.

And why not – you deserve it. I myself am already planning on what I need to do for the next stage in life, assuming health is on our side, and money from real estate can be used to invest in smaller real estate, and larger joys of life.

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