Maybe it is because I am knee deep in an empty nester downsize, but I am now hearing from e-nesters everywhere who have already successfully completed this same adventure. They are telling me: “Been there done that” and many of them have done it several times. My generation is selling their larger family home and opting for a smaller footprint, something more manageable, more cost effective.

Many mid-lifers have chosen to move closer to their aging parents and nearer to their new grandchildren. (No grandchildren here yet.) They have given away, donated and thrown away items that are no longer considered necessary.




I have been using the word “downsize” to describe our move from a larger home to a charming older one that is half of the size and needs extreme renovation. My husband Craig likes to use the positive description “rightsize,” so I am embracing this new term.

Honestly, we own truckloads of stuff that we do not need, do you? Countless idle purses, childhood baseball cards and memorabilia, our kids’ favorite stuffed animals, their childhood artwork, sports equipment and even great grandma’s doll collection.

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