So, you are hearing the call of minimalism!

You are being drawn toward living a simpler life, and have recognized the stress and mess that years of accumulation has brought you.

You are ready and willing, committed and enthused. But others around you, not so much…

My minimalism book (based on the popular life cleanse blog series) comes from the perspective of someone who has come into minimalism fairly easily. By easily I mean, I was able to adopt the principles without opposition, confusion or derision from others.

Nothing was holding me back from dealing with my spending habits, de-cluttering my home, and changing my relationship with material goods, other than myself.

I was free to embrace change unencumbered by the expectations or opinions of others.

But that isn’t the case for many minimalist beginners…

I am part of a Facebook community full of people at differing stages of their minimalist journey. I have learned from this very supportive and honest space, that many people who are embracing minimalism, are facing a myriad of obstacles along the way.

This became even more apparent when I posed a question to my fellow members:

‘What for you, has been the hardest part of embracing minimalism?’

It received 25+ responses and inspired a lot of conversation. I realized then that I clearly had to turn this into a blog post that could support these people or others starting out in minimalism and finding it tough.

There are many different paths individuals follow in life which inspire a negative response, and there are some very difficult journeys to acceptance which people face every day.

This is one vein of that, in this modern age where there is a push for tolerance and equality for people of all different lifestyle choices. This isn’t one of those lifestyle choices you would immediately associate with inciting resistance and difficulty, but I have to come to see, it certainly is.

On the broader scale, minimalist ideas have big implications for capitalist society, but, on a smaller scale, people who want to change and lead a more fulfilling life, face the challenge of not being supported by those closest to them, alongside the other struggles of letting go of consumerism.

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