With Black Friday approaching (or, as it seems to be, going since sometime last week), I thought it was appropriate to share with you my views on minimalism and decluttering. Before we get into it all, I want to say that I don’t consider myself a minimalist— I have a lot of stuff, at least by my standards. I have hundreds of books. A lot of yarn. Probably more clothing than I need (especially since working from home, I’m now using about 5% of it) and a good deal of fairly specialized kitchen equipment (recently considered acquiring a madeline pan). But we do, however, live a fairly frugal lifestyle. We don’t buy a lot of things. We’re not doing a huge Christmas. We buy things used whenever possible and we try really hard not to buy crap we don’t need. We’re working towards valuing experiences over things, and the process of minimalizing, like many other life changes, is a gradual process.

I’m not suggesting you throw away everything you haven’t touched in the last month, rather, trimming away the unnecessary things which are probably causing you more stress and distraction than good. Reducing the sheer amount of possessions many of us have in order to really appreciate the things we love. Paring down an excessive lifestyle to be able to allocate your resources towards experiences and things which you love, and which enrich your life (in this last category is where I would put the yarn, KitchenAid mixer and the heaps of books— judge me if you must).

Are you currently feeling like the stuff is ruling your life?

Do you feel overwhelmed by a messy house that never seems to be organized the way you like it?

Do you blow out your budget each month in a cycle of euphoria and guilt?

How about procrastinating doing the things you truly love because your space needs immediate cleaning and organizing?

If you find yourself nodding, keep reading. You’re not alone here. In fact, if the stats are correct, you’ve got millions and millions of people feeling the exact same way.

By moving towards a more minimalist lifestyle, you can reduce your stress, cut procrastination, and get focused on the things which really matter to you. Getting minimalist will help you get mindful. Not only will you have to consider the value of each item before bringing it into your house, but you will develop a much deeper connection with the objects that you do have in your home. You will grow a stronger appreciation for your abundance and truly enjoy each moment you spend interacting with the stuff you choose to keep around. Mere things which you once took for granted can become treasures instead of burdens.

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