Decorating A Small Space

The days of the McMansion are waning, with many people downsizing for simpler living.  Baby Boomers, young professionals, and grad students are now considering the benefits of city living in loft-like settings.  Most of these buildings are located in the heart of a city, close to work, cultural activities and basic amenities.  They range from apartments converted to condo living to old warehouses rehabbed into lofts.  What is becoming a desirable trait is that the spaces are small – 2000 square feet or less in many cases.

Why would this be an option if you’ve lived in a 4,000 square foot home with a yard?  For some people, it takes the pressure off of having to take care of all that space, as well as deal with lawns or snow removal.  Most cities have codes that require underground parking spaces, or have adjacent lots to the building with spaces available, making parking convenient.  For some people, the idea of getting rid of “stuff” they’ve accumulated is refreshing.

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