Since downsizing and moving into my tiny space close to a year ago, it’s been surprising to notice the unexpected benefits of minimalism having an impact in my daily life. While a lot of my motivation for downsizing was to reduce my physical belongings to make everyday life less chaotic and traveling more accessible, I didn’t consider all the emotional and mental benefits I would gain by embracing a minimalist lifestyle.

Over the past few months especially, I’ve seen a drastically positive shift in my overall demeanor and general outlook on life.

I used to be pretty high strung and impatient. I refused to take time to slow down. I completely neglected the experience of being present – to just really enjoy the people and places I was with in that current moment. I was always looking ahead to the next thing, while being disappointed if reality wasn’t living up to my expectations. My FOMO was out of control, I was always stressed about saying the right things and making sure everyone was happy. In doing so, I completely neglected my own happiness and well-being while simultaneously being in a constant state of stress and exhaustion.

But through the practice of minimalism and becoming more conscious of my behaviors and actions towards people and myself, I’ve been able to cultivate a more positive sense of well-being in many different areas of my life.

5 Unexpected Benefits Of Minimalism

  1. I’ve Learned To Embrace Patience

    This one has been a game changer for me. It’s impacted how I interact with people and how I generally move throughout my day. Instant gratification and me used to be besties, now we’re frenemies. When I wanted something, I did whatever it took to get it right then, even if it wasn’t the smartest decision. This often put me compromising situations, leaving me to do more damage control than enjoying whatever I had so badly wanted in that moment. I was always going 100 miles an hour, rushing through tasks and would end up missing important details. I’ll admit my road rage was pretty bad, I was always speeding – both on the road and in life. Minimalism taught me to slow down and discover that patience is an incredible useful skill for managing stress and expectations. It also makes the end result that much sweeter when you finally achieve it.

  2. I Have a Deeper Appreciation Of Space

    When you live in 220 sq.ft, you become acutely aware of just how valuable space is, but also how wasted and unappreciated it is. I used to believe we needed more and more space to be more comfortable and happy. But minimalism and living tiny have proved me very wrong. You become much more appreciate of the use of space, but not only how it’s used but your time in it. You take in your surroundings and become more conscious of where you choose to spend your time.

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