If you’re a travel buff over 50, chances are you’ve already seen the usual suspects: Paris, New York and maybe even Beijing.

With our globe-trotting readers in mind, we asked The Experts: What travel destination would you recommend for baby boomers that they might not know about?

This discussion relates to a recent Journal Report article on a guide to adventure travel for retirees and formed the basis of a discussion on The Experts blog on Sept. 10.


Suzanne Somers’s Secret Hideaway Tip for Retirees

SUZANNE SOMERS: I’m almost reluctant to mention this incredible place. It’s my secret hideaway…Well, here goes…Amangiri in southern Utah. It has about 30 guest rooms; it is the perfect place, perfect for people who love health and beauty and incredible architecture and sexy rooms, organic food, massages, gorgeous vistas and remote desert views. I wish I owned it.

There are times lying in my beautiful hotel room with the glass wall at the end of our bed fully open (the glass disappears into the side walls), with the desert winds softly blowing about while we look out at this unbelievable, untouched, undeveloped desert view, and it takes my breath away. At any time I expect John Wayne and the cavalry to come riding by. Geronimo and his tribe on horseback would look impressive sitting on the ridge above. The effect is so magical I feel like I am actually in one of those old movies of my childhood! Amangiri is silent, it’s sexy, it’s sophisticated and the perfect spot for tending the soul and doting on your mate. We hike, walk, sleep, have spa treatments, drink tequila at sunset on one of the many private terraces. I’m not going to say anymore or I won’t be able to get a reservation.

If you want to really splurge, charter a small plane from L.A. and land near Lake Powell, (less than two hours by air) and start your luxurious retreat that much sooner. Driving from L.A. is also extremely beautiful and remote if you are that type of person.

Suzanne Somers (@SuzanneSomers) is a health advocate, entrepreneur, Emmy-nominated entertainer and author of the forthcoming “I’m Too Young for This.”

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