As I continue my downsizing journey and as I get closer to moving to my much smaller space in Center City Philadelphia to actually start living the new lifestyle that I have been creating, I have been thinking about what kind of experiences I want to have each day.

Early morning walks in the park with new friends?

Explore parts of the city I have never seen?

Discover new volunteer opportunities?

Walk to church?

Leisurely cup of coffee at “my” coffee shop?

Conversations with new people everywhere?

Work virtually from my apartment or from “my” new co working space?

Impromptu dinner with friends or family?

Improv classes?

Last minute travel plans to somewhere I have never been?

    So as I begin this new chapter of my life, I realize that by simplifying my life and by choosing to live with less, I will have more time, flexibility, and resources to do the things that matter most to me each day.  I will have time to discover, to explore, to have fun, and most importantly find new ways to make a difference!

    During the month of July, I want to listen and learn more about what my baby boomer peers want as you begin to think about “what will my retirement look like?”

What kind of lifestyle do you want?

Where do you want to live?

What kind of experiences do you want to have each day?

What can you live without (or not)

What really matters most to you in this next chapter of your life?

     In our daily blog posts, I will be sharing information about baby boomer lifestyle trends,

design trends, fun travel ideas for your bucket list, as well as tips to help you simplify your life so that you can create the life that you love.

Look for tips, inspiration, and inquiries because I want to hear from you!