Baby Boomers are often portrayed as technology averse curmudgeons who are poised to retire en masse and bankrupt us all. Turns out their actual lifestyles paint a much more complex (and intriguing) view of who Boomers are, how they operate, and what they want.

Here are 5 lifestyle trends of Baby Boomers that may just surprise you:

1: Boomers Are Tech Savvy

AARP points out that Boomers (those born between 1946-1964) “were in the workforce during the evolution of computers, email, and the internet, and were the first to understand the value of technology.” They never had the chance to tweet photos of their drunk college buddies, but they did embrace technology. According to AARP:

Digital marketing applies to Boomers as much as to any other demographic. Make it a serious component of your integrated marketing strategy that focuses on where Boomers spend their time.

2: Boomers Got Snail Mail

Baby Boomers are often viewed as clueless when it comes to the online world, content to correspond via fax machines and the postal service. A ThirdAge/JWT Boom study reports that while the majority of Boomers have an aversion to blogging and some social networking sites such as Twitter, they do use the internet to shop a lot:

Boomers are online, they’re just not using Instagram to show you what they’re eating for lunch. Virtually all of them use email and most of them are open to email marketing. Get in their inboxes! Craft drip campaigns that will keep you front of mind, as well as allow them to buy.

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How often do you use the internet to purchase a product or service?