(Image credit: Hus & Hem)

Some small space solutions you’ve probably heard before: make your furniture multitask! Buy lots of mirrors to amplify light! Get rid of everything you own! But there are a few more ideas that are a little bit off the beaten path, and in this post we’ve endeavored to bring you a few of those.

Above: For a little extra storage, mount a shelf just below the ceiling along the length of a room. If your ceilings are tall enough, you’ll barely notice it. This works especially well in a hallway, as spotted on Hus & Hem.

(Image credit: Domaine Home)

Little end tables and stools are nice to have when you need a space to park a drink or plate, but they can also clutter up a room. When you’re not using them, park smaller tables under larger ones, as in this room from Domaine Home.

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