secretShhh, don’t let the cat out of the bag.  We Baby Boomers have our retirement secrets and we’re not telling anyone.  Well, OK, maybe I’ll list a few of them but don’t pass it on and don’t let them go public.

There’s no government plot and you won’t see us in this summer’s blockbuster movies.  But because we’ve grown up in times of great changes and advancements you must admit that we “weren’t born yesterday”.  We’ve been flying under the radar and our masses have been quietly biding our time.

The Baby Boomer time is here!

We’re Keeping up with the Internet, Not Just the Jones’

It used to be that we Baby Boomers had to have the same or better car than our neighbors, the fictitious “Jones’”.  Or we had to have a bigger house or our yards had to look better with more flowers and greener grass.  Well now things have changed.

Now we are buying the latest gadgets, hosting hangouts, and developing our own websites and surfing the internet in ways that won’t let our skinny white legs be an embarrassment.  We don’t even know where the Jones’ are anymore because we don’t Google them.  And if they find us we just switch user names or avatars and dare them to follow our web crumbs.

Baby Boomers are getting very comfortable on the internet and we know that those seedy marketers from past days are searching for us, thinking they have the next great thing for us to buy.  But, through trial and error, scam and guru, we are learning that folks online cannot always be trusted and we are learning to sit solidly on our affluent behinds.


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