The Boomer’s Traveling Lifestyle








Born between 1946 and 1964, 76 million baby boomers are roughly 25% of the U.S. population.   Baby boomers have influenced different businesses throughout their lives and are now about to have a huge impact on the travel industry.  They have reached the prime age for travel, many making travel a lifestyle choice.  Here are 7 facts about how the traveling lifestyle has such an enormous draw for baby boomers today:
1.    Travel is considered a necessity, not just a luxury.  Boomers engage in the travel lifestyle no matter how scarce their time or money, and are less dependent on what life stage they are in.  For boomers, travel is a way that they can seek out and experience familiar places in more in-depth ways.
2.    Boomers=Forever young.  Boomers ignore the stage of life they are in; they want to fulfill on the dreams they had since age 25.  Boomers act younger than their chronological age.  They want to travel to many places to experience many things. (ie. people, education, culture etc.)
3.    Boomers want immediate gratification. Boomers grew up with the ability to get what they wanted, when they wanted it. When they are ready to book, they want to do it right away.
4.    Boomers want control. They want to have a say in designing their travel experience, choosing their desired destinations and have lots of options for activities.  Boomers want to be immersed into the elements of each destination, craving the local culture.
5.    Boomers demand comfort. They don’t want a generic-style hotel, but want the luxury amenities that come with it because that is what they are accustomed to.  They tend to want the best, designed to fit their individual lifestyle needs, customized to make them feel that they are special.
6.    Boomers will pay. If the experience includes luxury, expertise, and convenience that they cannot get on their own, boomers are willing to pay.  To boomers, a bargain is getting a good price for something of great value. They do a lot of research on their lifestyle options before they make purchases and the traveling lifestyle is no exception.
7.    Boomers identify with other boomers.  They do not identify with many people older than themselves.  They want to meet and associate with people who share the same values and have the same travel lifestyles that they do.
A study conducted by the AARP, found that:

  • 57% of travelers couldn’t find anyone available to go on a trip they wanted to take but went anyways
  • 45% desired to go somewhere they’ve always wanted to go
  • 35% sought a trip just for themselves
  • 18% wanted time for personal reflection
  • 17% went to pursue a hobby or interest
  • 12% traveled to learn something new

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