With her TEDx talk and best-selling book, Rita continues to help & inspire others to live more with less.

Meet Rita

Rita Wilkins, the “Downsizing Designer,” transformed her life by moving from a spacious 5,000 square-foot home to a serene 867 square-foot apartment, discovering joy in simplicity. Her inspiring journey has touched millions, advocating for a life rich in experiences over possessions. Today, Rita’s work as an interior designer and speaker continues to inspire a global minimalist movement towards decluttering, intentional living, and true fulfillment. Read the full bio.

Our Latest Blog Posts

A printable PDF home checklist to determine which is the right home for your lifestyle.

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Rita’s Minimalist Wardrobe Decluttering Checklist

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Our Best-Selling Downloads

Rita has a variety of decluttering products from online courses to printable guides and checklists. You can see her entire catalog at her store. Below are our current top products including her newest All-In-One Minimalist Essentials 64-page visual decluttering workbook.

Rita has a variety of online interactive courses available including her flagship course 8 Proven Methods.

Rita’s YouTube Channel

Known as the Downsizing Designer, Rita offers invaluable insights and practical tips for embracing minimalism, simplifying your life, and finding freedom through decluttering. Below is a sample of her most popular videos, visit her channel for more.

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